Dennis Schubert

About me, about licenses, and prints.

Hey you! Thanks for caring enough to click on a link with such a boring title. I'll try to make it worth your time by keeping it as short as possible here.

About me

If you stumbled upon this site or some photos of mine without context, you might want to know who I am, I guess!

There isn't much to say here, honestly. Photography is just a hobby of mine, and I'm actually not taking good photos. I just shoot the things I like to see, and the things I like to remember, and occasionally, other people seem to enjoy the results. I am actually a full-time software engineer, working as a web superglue engineer for Firefox. I'm also tackling privacy, communication, and other fun topics between working and sleeping. And taking photos, obviously.

A more complete profile is available on my main website if you want to have a look. That site also has links to social media profiles of mine, but here is my Instagram profile.


I love free licenses, so most of my photos are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. I say "most", because sometimes, this may not be the case, as some restrictions might limit me from freely distributing the photo. You can check if a photo is available under a Creative Commons license by looking in the bottom bar when viewing a photo. If there is a CC icon, you are good to go.

If you want to use one of my CC-licensed photos, you are free to do so, even for commercial purposes. The only limitation here is that you absolutely have to provide valid attribution, no matter the way you are using the photo in. Correct attribution must include a link to this website, the license name, and a link to the license. Here is a perfect example:

Photo: "Sunset Mountain Range" by Dennis Schubert is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

If you have less space available, this also works:

Photo: Dennis Schubert / CC BY.

Exceptions, attribution free usage, ...

If you are not fine with the limitations explained above, but still want to use an image, do not worry. Please do get in touch with me and we can work on something that works for you.

In any case, please do not simply download an image and use it without proper attribution. I will notice it, and you will get an angry and maybe expensive email from me. Please don't make me do that, that is annoying.


Some people have asked me if they could order prints of my photos, and that surprised me a bit, as I was not prepared to answer that question. That changed, and now I can say: Yes, if you want prints, please get in touch with me and I will send you a link where you can order all the things you want.

Please note, though, that if you ask me for prints, I will send you prints, but I will adjust the prices so I can make a tiny profit off of it, just to pay for the extra effort and time I have to put into that process. But you actually do not need to ask me, at all. Please check the previous text about licenses, and you will realize that you are free to make your own prints if the photo you are interested in is licensed under a Creative Commons license. So just use whatever photo printing service you prefer and order your own prints!

If you do order prints to put them on a wall in your personal home, don't worry too much about placing proper attribution. However, if you place the print in a publicly accessible place, or an office space, or something else that is not your home, please be aware that the attribution rules explained above still apply. If this bothers you, then you probably should order prints from me directly, instead of printing your own. ;)